French wheeled lights aren’t nearly as unbalanced as people seem to think.

It seems like alot of people genuinely think that these tanks are crazy OP or game breaking, and I really don't get this point of view. I recently came back from a year long break from wot because of school work etc etc, and while maybe my judgement is skewed because most of my high tiers are other lights and mediums, I don't notice them as a huge problem. I notice the various OP Russian clan rewards/mission tanks alot more tbh. Whenever I've seen an ebr rush in like people say they can do no problem, they loose at least half their hp. Obviously the 105 is a strong tank, but not anywhere near game breaking

But what I really don't understand for the people who want them straight nerfed, what do you want exactly? All the tanks have is mobility, good but not crazy camo, and a few bonuses that rely on their mobility like only being slowed when loosing a wheel and the "enhanced" auto aim that just means you can lock on while clicking slightly off the target. Yes, that's a good amount of pluses. But they also have 70 less view range then regular lights on average, meaning every light and most mediums they see will outspot them, easily. They have terrible guns compared to even other lights that already have mediocre guns. The guns work for those tanks, but only because it's on such a mobile platform. If they had their mobility nerfed with no other buffs, what the hell would they do? They can't rely on outspotting, they have to rely on dodging shells. They'd be entirely pointless without their crazy mobility. Could the high tiers be tuned so maybe they're a bit more balanced between viewrange and mobility? Sure, that would probably make them less frustrating for both sides, but a straight up nerf would make them almost useless.


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