Frontline with IS-3A

The Frontline meta is still the same, Defender, Progetto, EBR, Lt-432. No matter the changes.

What is surprise me, less IS-3As in the battles, than last time (last time it's in the shop before Frontline, so many players want to try it out). Looks like, heavy tank players switched to the Defender.

I don't know why. Seems the Frontline is the perfect environment for the tank, and works for me. The reloader system is give you a starting advantage, and let you fire with max DPM. Accuracy bad, but the extreme shell velocity let you fight longer ranges surprisingly well. Armour is not Defender level, but against only Tier 8s, is good. Power to weight tragic, but again, the top speed usable, can move around.

The new 3 special slot give great toolsets for the tank. Mine is Recon for spotting before I move in to cap, Inspire, help team, but most importantly boost my accuracy and DPM, when needed, and Engineering for cap or reset cap.

All in all, I have great results in the vehicle. Become my first choice tank now. Everything suggest, Frontline is the perfect place for the IS-3A.

So I not really sure, what I missing? Why people's, who paid a lot of money for the tank, not playing it this time? How is not meta for Frontline?


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